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Course 5:

Raising Birds & Bees

Once you have your vegetable garden up and running, you may want to consider adding chickens and/or bees.  Both can be rewarding experiences. They are great ways for the whole family to learn about nature, life cycles and responsibility for the lives of other living things.

And if you want to consider beekeeping, know that a single, healthy hive can yield 50 to 100 pounds of honey!

This Course will get you started on both raising chickens and beekeeping. You will learn what to consider before taking on either of these projects, get practical advice on choosing chicken breeds, understand how bees make honey and learn how to effectively handle bees and harvest honey. When successful, you will enjoy the many benefits of these activities, even beyond the fresh eggs, meat and honey.

Ready to start?

Go to the first segment of this Course:

"Getting Started With Chickens."

Course Segments:  

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 9.27.29 PM.png

Learn the best breeds for Hawai‘i, how to set up a chicken coop or chicken tractor, and mistakes to avoid when ordering baby chicks by mail.

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 9.35.19 PM.png

What does it take to raise bees? Learn how to assess your land and location for beekeeping, and assemble your start up kit and beehive.

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What is honey and why do bees make it? Learn about the importance of pollinators for your garden and what bees need to thrive.

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A sampling of beekeeping techniques to keep your bees happy and healthy.

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