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Pickling & Fermentation

Part of "Food Preservation"

As your homestead matures you will have an abundance of harvest. Being blessed with bounty requires that one share actively with friends and community, and preserve what is left to prevent wasting good food. 

Simple salting, pickling and fermentation techniques help to extend the life of your harvests and provide new tastes and textures for your palette.

Studies show that fermented and salted foods such as pickles and kimchi are loaded with health-promoting "probiotics" - beneficial bacteria that improve gut health and support better immune functions. 

Basically, the fermentation and pickling process increases good bacteria while getting rid of the bad. This is why many cultures have age-old traditions of salting and fermenting to preserve food without refrigeration. 

This Course shows you how to make some of Hawai‘i's favorite pickles across its diverse cultures.  

Start with the first link, an instructive and entertaining video on How to Make Won Bok Kimchee then work your way through the other Useful Links of this Course segment.

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Useful Links:
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VIDEO: Let's Make Won-Bok (Napa Cabbage) Kimchee

Learn how to make kimchee from won bok an other vegetables from popular cooking instructor, Maangchi.

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Mango pickle is an easy recipe. Keiki shows us how! Produced by Menehunes channel.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 11.02.06 PM.png

Daikon tsukemono is easy to prepare and goes well with rice and as a side dish. Daikon also has health benefits.

Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 2.26.35 PM.png

Learn to salt lemons and use them for a Vietnamese sweet-salty lemonade. Recipes for both are here!

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Another recipe from Maangchi - A Korean recipe for cucumber kimchee.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 10.58.01 PM.png
VIDEO: Recipe for Li Hing Pickled Mango

To add more flavors to your mango pickle, try this recipe for li hing mango pickle fron the Foodland kitchen.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 11.10.45 PM.png

A simple pickle recipe using onions, green peppers and chili peppers. From Maui Magazine.

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