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Working With Bees

Part of "Birds & Bees"


     Raising bees is unlike raising any other animal on the homestead. Unlike goats, cows or sheep which are somewhat domesticated, bees are still wild creatures, doing as they please. They call your hive home because of what you do to make it inviting for them, not because you put them there. The moment you slack off, boom!  They’re buzzing off searching for another hive.




This Course provides you with some basic how-to's that will prepare you for beekeeping.


Experienced beekeepers often advise that, before you get your first beehiveit is very important to take a beekeeping class, join a local beekeeping community, and do some preparatory training sessions with a beekeeping mentor to learn basic beekeeping skills.

In the Useful Links of this segment, you will learn about the role of smokehow to attract a bee swarm, the correct way to harvest honey and other beekeeping basics. Finally, hear the story of beekeeper Jasmine Joy as she uses her beehives and gardens to teach the next generation about how to live in balance.

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Useful Links:
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VIDEO: How We Caught a Honey Bee Swarm

A basic video on how to catch a honey bee swarm. For beginner beekeepers, this video will inspire you.

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This excellent article provides tips on hive location, hive types, beekeeping laws, and more. From


Jasmine Joy of Just Believe uses her beehives and gardens to teach students how to live pono with the land and in themselves.

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Basic tips on how to carefully use smoke to calm your bees.

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Short demonstration-type video showing how to harvest honey and when to harvest.

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