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Choosing Your Homestead Focus

Part of "Planning Your Homestead"



Being very clear about what you like and want to do is important when starting a homestead or even planting a backyard garden. Getting clear on this means that your homestead should fit your preferences, priorities and preferred lifestyle, and how those help you fulfill your personal kuleana. 

Will this homestead be more of a hobby, or do you want to try to make a living from your land? The answer will determine how intensively or quickly you should timeline your projects, and which projects to focus on first. 

​Take the time to be honest about how much time, commitment and resources you can give to your homestead.  If you have a full time job, or if you want to or need to travel frequently, how much time do you feel you can honestly spend developing your homestead?  Knowing this will help you decide whether to adjust your homestead priorities so that they do not cause stress. Building your homestead with in the right frame of mind is important.

If you travel or work away from your site you may have to invest resources in more automation, such as very reliable irrigation and other systems that can partially ensure that you will not lose your crops. This is especially important at the early stages of growing trees and vegetables.

In the first Useful Link of this segment a homestead farmer shares valuable lessons learned and how she would have done things differently in hindsight. The video is followed by a list of tips on how to choose your homestead goals wisely.  

Useful Links:
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A homestead farmer shares what she would have done differently on her homestead if she were to start over. Learn from her experience.

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A very good how-to article with planning tips and links on how to choose your goals wisely. Good advice for all sizes of homesteads, including backyard gardenens.

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