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You have completed The Kuleana Curriculum!

E lawe i ke aʻo a mālama, a e ʻoi mau ka naʻauao.  #328
One who takes teachings and applies them increases one's knowledge.

It's time now to apply your learnings to real, hands-on work.  Make a list of the Useful Links that were most interesting to you, explore them further and offer kokua!  Other ways to continue your learning:

  • Visit a farm or homestead near you, and ask how you can help

  • Seek a mentor in your area of interest

  • Join groups or associations that reflect your interests

  • Enroll in a homesteading or Hawaiian studies course to deepen your understanding of working with the land

  • Plant a small area or seed a planter and share what you grow

  • Share information with friends and family and encourage them to learn more about kuleana homesteading 

  • Tell us how you are applying your learning!

  • And for homestead waitlisters - sign up here for updates on how The Kuleana Curriculum may help you in your application for a future kuleana homestead.

Momoe aku I mua.
Move ahead with determination.

Mahalo for completing the 7 Courses of The Kuleana Curriculum! 

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