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Installing Infrastructure

Part of "Planning Your Homestead"


Even if your homestead ambitions are modest at first, you will need some basic infrastructure to get started. Even if all you want to do is start a small raised bed or container garden, plant a tree or two, or create a composting area for kitchen scraps and green waste, basic infrastructure is necessary.  


For example, you will need to direct or transport irrigation water. You will need a place to store your tools. You may need to fence areas to keep animals in or out. 


The cost of infrastructure projects is often a concern for new homesteaders. But a little resourcefulness can go a long way.

Try to seek out used or discounted materials, equipment, or tools online, on Craigslist, at thrift stores, or local yard sales. It is often easy to find garden pots, mason jars, and other kitchen items at second hand shops. You can also "up-cycle" building materials you already have. Left over wood, screen material, and 5 gallon buckets can all be used for raised beds and planters. 


This segment provides instructions for basic start-up infrastructure projects and tips to avoid common mistakes.  Review the Useful Links as a starting point into the wide world of homesteader building projects. 

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Planning Your Homestead

Useful Links:
Screenshot 2020-10-17 at 11.39.42 PM.png

Harvesting and storing rainwater may be your only off-grid source of water. Learn more in this CTAHR summary.

Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 12.06.08 AM.png

Position and construct your raised beds with careful planning and avoid these common mistakes.

Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 12.16.47 AM.png

When water is scarce this approach to self-watering containers may be the only way to irrigate. Learn more.

Screenshot 2020-10-17 at 11.37.00 PM.png

A key resource for planning, 

constructing and maintaining a rainwater catchment system in Hawai‘i.

Screenshot 2020-10-17 at 11.55.36 PM.png

Basic introduction to assembling drip irrigation components for your garden beds.

Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 12.44.51 AM.png

Video showing 45 creative ways to use pallets to construct your first shed. Repurpose free pallets for a practically cost-free tool storage shed.

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